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Tools available to loan at RHF Community workshop

We finally have received all of the tools from the toolshare grant!  Ridgid and Milwaukee Tools were very generous to donate to us.   Special THANKS go out to my brother Steve Brodie who made this helps to have friends in 'high' places (he is their corporate pilot).  Some of the tools are Scott's personal tools that are available.  If you have any tools that you no longer use and think others would like to borrow, let us know.   

Some tools are available to loan offsite and some are only available to use onsite at the Community workshop.  There  will be a small fee requested to cover the replacement of blades etc.  If you cannot afford a small donation, consider helping out with a project on the farm.  We have a list of basic rules and safety issues you must follow when working at the workshop.  we will also require you sign a Release Form  promising not to sue us for providing you sharp and dangerous tools that may hurt you.

The intention of the Toolshare is to make tools available so the Community does not have to own all the same tools.  Scaffolding is a good example of the type of thing we don't all need to own.  Our policy is to not loan tools out that you will be using commercially- we do not want to supply Contractors or others with tools that they will be making money from.  We know that there are gray areas here and we will try to work with you to be fair....

Please be gentle with all tools and return them clean, sharpened, oiled etc...we want this program to be able to sustain itself.

Remember, No tools can be taken until you check with someone from RHF, sign them out and sign the release form.  Please remember to sign them back in when you return them and keep them for only as long as you need them.  We have time limits on some tools.  These are the same tools that we use around the farm, so if we have a need for a tool that you have checked out, we may ask that you return it early.  Again, we will work with you on this.

The following list is for tools that re for offsite use...

RED HOUSE FARM COMMUNITY TOOLSHARE- Available tools  2/22/2010
-Kill-A-Watt Electric use meter
-Roof Shingle Removing tool
-Tile Saw- electric
-Shrub Puller-manual
-Water transfer pump- gasoline
-Pressure washer-gasoline
-Folding chairs/tables
-Shop Vac- electric
-Surveyors Pole
Stove Pipe cleaning kit- rods and brushes
-Studfiner- electronic
Air Compressor-electric
-Finish nailer
-Framing nailer
-Cordless screwdriver

-laser level
- cement mixer


The following is the release form that we will have you sign when checking out tools and when working in the workshop....


1. I agree to use the borrowed item(s) only at my listed address.   
2. I attest that I am at least 18 years of age.  I agree to use the tools in a safe
and appropriate manner and will not allow anyone other than myself to use
the tools.
3. I agree to pay the fees for each use of tools
4. I agree to the fine system that will be enforced if the tools are not returned
during the time specified. If the tools are not returned after one
month, they will be considered stolen property and the RHF Community Workshop
will take appropriate action.
5. If the tool is lost, I agree to pay the RHF Community Workshop the cost of
replacing the item.  If the tool is broken or damaged, I agree to pay the

RHF Community Workshop the reasonable cost of a replacement tool or the cost of repair.
I agree not to sue the RHF Community Workshop or its agents
on account of any injury that may result from using
the borrowed items.
I as a user of
The RHF Community Workshop, agree to be bound by the provisions of this agreement.

Red House Farm Community Toolshare Grant

Background on Boulder
The community of Boulder, Utah lies nestled amongst thousands of square miles of
federally-owned land.  Settled in the late 1800s and historically a self-sufficient ranching
community, to this day Boulder remains a small and remote outpost on the edge of a vast
wilderness.  The nearest grocery store and home improvement center is a five-hour
roundtrip drive; the nearest neighboring towns are an hour away and only have 500
people in them.  Indeed, Boulder was the last community in the 48 contiguous states to
get its mail delivered by mule.
Since the amenities economy that has transformed places like Moab and Telluride cannot
gain a foothold in a place this remote, the infusion of New West money has passed over
Boulder.  We boast an unemployment rate of 14% and most every job is seasonal.  Over
12% of the community is impoverished ($11,200/year) and 8% is “significantly
impoverished”, or living with an income 50% below the poverty line ($5,600/year).  
Among the most skilled and valued producers in a community, 66% of males aged 35-44
live below the poverty line and fully half of people aged 45-54 are significantly
That said, Boulderites possess impressive and diverse skillsets considering the small
number of residents.  Living in Boulder requires people to know how to do a little bit of
everything, and the frequent lack of tools or proper raw materials has created an amazing
ingenuity.  The strong sense of community already present and so necessary in such a
remote place will facilitate the success of a toolshare program.
Introduction to Boulder Community Alliance
The Boulder Community Alliance ( is a non-profit
501(c)3 organization established in 2005 with the explicit purpose of supporting and
developing the Boulder community.  The Alliance seeks grants and donations to fund
activities within the community that promote cultural heritage, farm preservation, self-
reliant economic development, public works projects, and the arts.
Introduction to Red House Farm
Purpose and Intent
The Boulder Community Alliance, in cooperation with Red House Farm, intends to
create a community toolshare program.  Since a majority of working-age people live in
poverty or severe poverty, purchasing high-quality tools is simply not an option for most
people in Boulder.  Additionally, our location is so remote that renting tools from a
hardware store is impractical.
These factors combined are a serious hurdle to increasing our standard of living.  If you
cannot afford or gain access to the tools to do a job right, the quality and longevity of the

Boulder Community Toolshare Grant  4/22/2009
job suffers.  The thrust behind the toolshare idea is that with easy access to high-quality
tools the residents of Boulder can increase their standard of living in a lasting way while
carrying on the local tradition of self-reliant capability that carved this community out of
the wilderness over 150 years ago.
The toolshare idea is one component of a multifaceted approach to creating a more self-
reliant Boulder with a solid footing on quality infrastructure.  In addition to getting the
right tools in the right hands, many of the tools in the toolshare program will be used to
recondition old farm equipment, vehicles, and ailing buildings.  These, in turn, will be
added to the toolshare program.  The net result will be an increase in community
productivity, a low-cost infrastructure and tremendous knowledgebase for future
generations, and a more self-reliant Boulder.
The toolshare program will be implemented and managed by Red House Farm.  The tools
will be housed in a building currently undergoing renovation to become the dedicated
community shop.  The shop is a fully enclosed building with good security.  Each tool
will be tagged with a unique identifier and the tool inventory, along with usage statistics,
will be logged electronically.  Upon rental, each community member will pay a small fee
along with a deposit refundable upon return.  The small fee will go into a pool of money
to cover tool maintenance costs and the replacement of tools in the future; if a surplus of
money occurs new tools will be purchased and added to the toolshare program.  Training
about proper tool use, liability, and safety will occur upon rental.  Donating entities will
be recognized with a plaque or poster in the shop and will be free to use their donation to
support their own public relations campaign.  News of the toolshare program and
donation will be published in the Garfield County Insider, a regional newspaper, as well
as in the Boulder Community Alliance newsletter.  To promote the toolshare program
fliers will be posted around town, although word of mouth is usually more effective in
Note -- we were successful in receiving this grant from Milwaulkee and Ridgid Tool Co. Fall 2009

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