Red House Farm

Boulder, Utah

Red house Farm Goals 2012





Build rainwater harvesting system for barn roof- install tank and delivery system

Build orno (clay wood-fired oven) and learn how to use

Complete final construction of cold storage/ meat locker- install cooling unit and rolling rails

Pour concrete slab in barn for auto mechanics and animal processing area

Wire barn

Create wooden panels for balance of barn floor

Redesign/build outdoor solar shower

Build 6 wooden/wire brooding boxes to hatch chicks

Design/build large smokehouse to cure meat, fish, cheese

Construct small pond near creek

Create space around pond for picnic, camping, hanging out

Build floating nest boxes for ducks in pond

More gravel for parking areas around barn, workshop, house

Rebuild  and move hoophouses

Build rock retaining wall and covered entrance for canning kitchen

Build greenhouse benches

Build more drying racks

Add insulation to farmhouse roof



Recruit 3 quality full-season interns

Host WWOOFERs and local volunteers throughout season

Keep RHF presence on web through keeping farm website, localharvest website, wwoof website and ATTRA website updated

Raise 2 sheep for meat

Raise Red Angus calf to butcher weight. Slaughter/process

Process chickens for meat

Hatch our own breed of chicks for eggs/meat and to sell to locals

Hatch ducklings for local sale

Grow veggies for farm, community, restaraunts

Manage CSA

Breed both dairy calves

Complete Utah Cottage Food Industry for farm certification

Train Lllama how to pack heavier loads

Halter-train dairy cows

Expand compost production

Establish grapevines

Utilize weeds as a resource- bedding, compost, mulch etc

Improve income/expense ratio

Expand CSA

Grow larger variety of veggies

Have hoophouse grown greens available early spring

Improve livestock feeding program



Collaborate with True Nature Farm as board member and supporter

Coordinate and attend Boulder Market

Attend 90-hour permaculture design course at true nature farm

Host Boulder Skills Foundation meetings

Host Harvest Moon Festival in Fall

Host weekly community movies in barn

Host musical events and plays in barn

Make space available in barn for local musicians to practice, teach and perform

Make space available for community to process food in canning kitchen and store food in silo rootcellar

Administer RHF community toolshare program- lend tools/supplies and make workshop space available












        -create animal stalls

        -build storage shelves/space

        -build wall to separate animals from main barn

        -pour 16x16 concrete slab for game processing/ mechaniching

        -electrical wiring

        -enclose kitchen


fence animal yard

bridge across creek

install underground water lines/frost-free hydrants

permanent fence around house garden

outfit silo with drying racks, etc to create drying house

poultry tractors for chickens and turkeys

poultry breeding pens

retrofit greenhouse with glazing on north roof  & screened tables

permanent roof on house garden work zone

pig pens

shelves in silo root cellar

ventilation system for silo root cellar

outdoor solar shower and toilet

set up solar-grid intertie system w/panels, etc

improve outdoor kitchen

work carts for bike and 4wheeler




Be a venue for Boulder Heritage Skills Foundation events

Provide fresh eggs and vegetables for sale

Weekly summer movies in barn

Host community education workshops

Host some men’s and women’s councils

Increase work-for-food opportunities

Boulder Community Toolshare program

Acquire more resources for lending library

Hire interns/wwoofers

Participate in all Boulder Farmers Markets

Seed saving/trading workshops






Grow for farmer’s market, special food orders/farmstand and household use

Grow more of our own chicken/animal feed- grains, legumes, sunflowers, etc.

Raise meat birds – chickens and maybe turkeys

Graze lower fields with cows and chickens using electric fence

Use intensive grazing management techniques

Improve bee husbandry

Preserve A LOT of  the food we grow

Subsist more fully on our own farm food or locally produced foods

Improve growing techniques

Breed layer chickens

Increase fertility in lower garden through cover cropping and animals

Reduce bindweed

Plant perennials along new garden fence (concord grapes and more)

Save more seeds, especially those we haven’t already

Raise pigs and maybe goats

Improve all operating systems








Initiate animal husbandry programs w/cows, meat birds, pigs and maybe goats

Begin grazing management program

Enlarge grain sprouting system

Feed chickens w/more of our own food we grow

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