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Final Post

Well, after a great trip in Boulder, I’ve arrived safely back in Maryland and will be writing my last post from home. About 3 days before leaving, Marshall’s dad Chris arrived in Boulder to come visit with us and Scott, his old college roommate. We finished up digging up the grey water septic ditch and refilling the ditch with gravel, and the solar panel project got finished up with the wiring and Scott also grounded it to protect it from lightening. Once the electrician gets there it should be up and running.

The night that Chris got there was the first night of the play, “W.O.R.N. Radio Garber County, ‘Where Cows Were Once Kings’.” The play went really well and Gabe, Jane and I did well in our only role as the K-Boys along with Marshall, but he then went on to be the main character of the play Mossy, as well as a comedian, Piggy. The play was a big hit and we had a second performance the next night, after some of Jane’s delicious homemade pizza.

Also while Chris was in town, we went on a few separate hiking expeditions. The first time we went was to collect some tadpoles that would be placed in a giant bucket of water in the garden and once the tadpoles grow into toads, they will be the farm’s pesticides. The second hike was much longer, from 9am to 5pm. We went down to a different part of Calf Creek and hiked down from the highway into the creek, where the environment changed drastically. We then hiked down the creek on a mission, a mission to catch some trout. Kate, a current resident at Red House Farm, told us how she had previously caught the trout in the river, with extremely slow movements and a lot of patience. After about 10 minutes in the river, Gabe had successfully used the hand technique to catch his first trout and Marshall had taken his shirt off and caught two trout using his shirt as a make-shift net. Once the trend caught on, I made a net out of my shirt and the trout catching fest began. At the end of the day we had 8 trout and had made it down the entire river to some nice swimming holes and a beautiful waterfall. We relaxed for a while, ate lunch and then gutted the trout, stored them in the cold water and all took naps in any shady spots we could find. After a grueling hike back up to the car, we made it back in time for the July 4th dinner and some quality relaxation time before our departure the next morning.

Staying at Red House Farm was just as great as a learning experience as it was a good time. I know that we made some friends and gained some knowledge, as well as a tan and some strength from all those hours spent with the digging bar. Here’s a list of all of the new things that I did at RHF that I’ve never done before:

1.     Learn how to drive stick.

2.     Feed chickens.

3.     Collect eggs from chickens.

4.     Feed pigs.

5.     Score big at the local free box.

6.     Take care of a bunny.

7.     Swim in a local creek.

8.     Catch trout without fishing gear.

9.     Gut a fish.

10.  Be amazed by the local scenery.

11.  Collect spruce branches.

12.  Use essential oils.

13.  Drain a septic tank.

14.  Sleep outside for two weeks straight.

15.  See so many stars.

16.  Put up solar panels.

17.  Frame walls.

18.  Put up a plywood ceiling.

19.  Use a high powered nail gun.

20.  Use a pressure washer.

21.  Meet a three legged dog.

22.  Use a post-hole digger.

23.  Legally ride in the back of a pickup.

24.  See the speed limit be 85.

25.  Many more small things that would make this list way too long.


Thanks for reading; none of this trip would have been possible if it weren’t for Scott and Brynn, and their wonderful farm in Boulder, Utah.


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