Red House Farm

Boulder, Utah


Quotes Working at Red House Farm in the summer and fall of 2010 was an incredible experience. Where to start? The work was hard, but incredibly varied. One day I might find myself sowing a row of spinach in the lower garden, surrounded by breathtaking mesas and watching the monsoon clouds roll in over the mountain. The next day I'm cozy inside the kitchen, learning how to pack and can pickles while smiling faces from the community come by to see what we're up to. The next day might be hanging garlic, helping to build a silo, combining wheat, drying pears, collecting nettles from by the creek, getting produce together for the community farmer's market, baking apple crisp with an eleven-year old girl, or maybe even venturing out in the wilderness to collect mushrooms, harvest firewood, or go on an amazing hike through slot canyons or aspen groves. I never once got bored working and living at Red House Farm; every day was an invaluable adventure that taught me what it means to live not only an Quotes
Stephanie Boucher