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Red House Farm article Sage Page Fall 2009

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Volume 3, Issue 4 Fall 2009

Red House Farm Offers Boulder’s First CSA

By Dianne Oberhansly

A number of Boulderites are enjoying the local harvest

provided by the town’s first Community Supported Ag-

riculture (CSA) program operated by Red House Farm. 

CSAs are a relatively new idea in marketing, one that is

gaining in popularity since its introduction to the

United States from Europe in the mid-80s.  Although

CSAs can operate in different ways, basically, individu-

als purchase a “membership” which allows them to

share in a local farm’s production throughout a season. 

Individuals end up with a supply of fresh, local food,

and the farmer benefits by receiving up-front capital as

well as having a secure market for his/her goods.

Red House Farm owners, Scott and Brynn Brodie, say

their goal is to make the farm self-sustaining. Although

this first CSA elicited great interest, the Brodies decided

they could effectively fulfill 11 memberships.  The win-

ter CSA offers 10 boxes filled every other Friday.  Start-

ing October 16, members pick up a box containing win-

ter vegetables, fresh eggs, and extra items such as dry

beans, pesto, canned jam, bread, pumpkins, herbs, and

dried fruit. The first CSA box provided a printed guide

listing all of the vegetables and their varieties as well as

a recipe for Spicy Pumpkin Bread.

Scott says there is a longtime tradition of cooperative

food projects in Boulder.  “Donna Jean Wilson told me

the story of how about 60 years ago, 10 families would

each raise a cow.  Every month, a family would butcher

theirs at Ivan Lyman’s place and everyone would share

the cuts.  This was in the days before folks had

freezers, so a whole cow would be too much for

any single family.”

Red House Farm has also been awarded a grant

to create a community tool-share program.  Vari-

ous tools will be available for check-out or for use

at the Farm.  Watch the bulletin board for details. 

In addition, a USDA grant will help Red House

Farm purchase a solar grid inter-tie system  to

provide some of their power from renewable en-


Contents of a CSA box: blue hubbard squash, red

core Chantenay carrots, red dragon carrots, Colo-

rado rose potatoes, gold top turnips, rutabagas,

onions, eggs, braising greens, and Brynn's famous

basil pinion bread.

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RHF Goals 2010

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-Create intern living space in barn loft

-Build deck off barn

-Construct additional grain silo for storage and drying

-Create animal stalls in barn

-Continue movie program in barn

-Host various local events

-Add 4 additional  honey beehives

-Construct High Tunnels

-Raise and butcher 2 pigs

-Build walking bridge over creek

-Establish community toolshare/workshop

-Hire at least 2 interns

-Grow and process wheat and oats

-Grow 3 gardens

-Manage 10 family CSA

-Establish seed-saving program for community

-Expand market stand sales from eggs to vegetables

-Participate in Boulder farmers market and possibly escalante farmers market

-Finish installing rain gutters on farm buildings

-Build rock retaining wall around rootcellar

-Collect more local rocks

-Finish rock retaining wall on north side of barn

-Make plans for commercial kitchen/processing space for community use

-Register with Utah Dept of Agriculture Cottage Food Program

-Host children’s candle-making program

-Continue children’s art program

-Purchase farm truck







RHF Accomplishments 2010

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-Established farm/gardening/sustainable living Library for community

-Established internet website

-attended Utah Diversified Agriculture Conference



RHF Accomplishments 2009

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Cleared brush along creek

-Built zipline over creek

-Finished farmhouse remodel- new floors in kitchen/bathroom/laundryroom, upgraded electrical/plumbing, painted entire house interior, completely rebuilt downstairs bathroom, refinished all oak floors, replaced appliances/ electrical fixtures etc etc

-Worked cooperative agreement with local landowners to farm on their property

-Purchased 2 1950’s grain combines from Midwest

-Participated in weekly boulder Farmers Market

-Hired 2 permanent and many temporary interns

-Planted, combined, stored oat grain

-Purchased, designed, installed irrigation system for 3 gardens

-Developed Vision statement

-Visited  small farms  in Utah, Colorodo , Wyoming and Idaho for ideas/inspiration

-Attended Utah Diversified agriculture conference

-Made Grain Silo operational

-Rebuilt Rootcellar and constructed children’s clubhouse above

-Raised 80 laying hens/roosters and 20 Broilers

-Built mobile chicken coop from old trailer

-Scavenged misc materials from local Dumps

-Planted ornamentals in farmhouse yard/ landscaped

-Completely rebuilt 100 year-old barn and added large loft

-Hosted and ran small children’s weekly art class

-Hosted Boulder Bee Club meetings

-Started Evening Movie Program in barn

-Hosted Boulder Heritage Festival event (history of this homestead)

-Hosted Spring Planting and Fall Harvest gatherings/celebrations

-Dried fruit, canned food, processed wild game, pressed cider

-Established 2 honey bee hives

-Rebuilt Workshop- electrical, insulation, concrete floor, workbenches, shelves etc

-Awarded $10,000. Grant to create community workshop and toolshare program

-Awarded $5,000. USDA Renewable Energy Grant to create solar grid-intertie system

-Constructed outdoor vegetable processing area

-Processed a lot of beans

-Fired farm manager and took over all day-to-day operations

-Established 10-member winter CSA

-Built outdoor self-seve farmstand to sell eggs to locals

Established Red House Farm LLC as legal entity

-Partially completed rock retaining wall on north side of barn/ Regraded area N. of barn







2008 Accomplishments

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-Bought Farm Oct 2008

-Built South wing on Barn- foundation/framing/roof

-Hired Farm manager

-Began Farmhouse remodel

-Cleaned up/removed lots of junk