Red House Farm

Boulder, Utah






Hosted Spring danceparty in barn with live music from Patrick and the T-Birds

Hosted 2 Raymond Shurtz plays in barn.  Collaborated with Raymond for future music and plays.

Hosted beginner and advanced willow basketmaking workshops- 3 weekends

Hosted weekly summer community movie nights  in the barn

Hosted Boulder Heritage Skills organizational meetings

Hosted Boulder Heritage Skills Harvest Moon Festival.  Included workshops on canning, lacto-fermenting, fruit tree pruning,apple cider pressing.  Formal discussions included cow-milking, bee and sheep keeping, peak oil and the economy, grain combining, seed saving

Hosted apple cider pressing day for community

Hosted red House Farm Tour

Hosted Felting workshop

Hosted local musicians throughout summer by making rehearsal/practice space available in barn

Made space available in silo root cellar for community use

Administered RHF community toolshare program- lent out a lot of tools and materials and made workshop space available to community

Supported Boulder Arts Council

Protested (successfully) US Forest Service plan to poison Boulder Creek

Scott- served as boulder rep for Scenic Byway 12 committee, served on boulder community alliance advisory committee, served on True Nature Farm board of directors

Brynn- served on Boulder Skills Foundation board of directors, acted as coordinator for Boulder Market




rented rooms in farmhouse during summer for cash and worktrade

cut and split seasons firewood

trenched and installed waterline to provide two frostfree hydrants for barn

installed Grid-Tie solar system for farm power which completed RHF USDA grant

rebuilt/redesigned farmhouse greywater system

built complete canning/food processing kitchen within barn to be compliant with Utah Cottage food regulations.  This included pouring floor, constructing walls electrical and plumbing and all interior infrastructure

designed/built outdoor shower with solar hot water heater

constructed  ‘outside’ toilet and sink for interns and guests

coppiced farm willows and began coppicing plan for future willow harvesting

built timber frame structure in barn to hang animals and provide structure for additional barn loft space

built stone and wire base for Orno for baking bread.  Will complete summer 2012

planned construction of smokehouse for 2012

completed construction of the ‘Hooch’, accommodation for interns/guests.  Included insulation, siding, stone deck and stairs

completed construction of stage area in barn

built and rebuilt interior walls in barn

built cedar post/wire fence with 4 gates around perimeter of house garden

salvaged a lot of materials for projects etc from Boulder and Escalante dumps, dumpsters, yard sales, freebox

built wooden and metal drying racks for veggies/herbs in silo

built screened door and windows for silo

designed and built 2 chicken tractors

rebuilt zipline at creek into a cable hand trolley to move people and stuff for when creek is too high to otherwise cross

constructed cold room/meat locker- poured concrete, built walls etc for  aging meat, storing veggies.  Will make available for community use

cleared brush around area of future pond

acquired farmtruck

installed raingutters and additional metal flashing on barn

built animal stalls in barn




Hatched 3 clutches of chicks from eggs in brooder boxes

Raised ducklings for meat and eggs

Kept most predators under control except for large loss of chickens to fox/hawk/skunk

Purchased bulk humic acid fertilizer as part of community cooperative project

Hosted several high school students for work-exchange/service project

Hosted many (#) WWOOFERs/ volunteers from US, Denmark, Israel,China Britain and Canada

Raised two piglets to 340# each.  Slaughtered and fully processed into chops,sausage,bacon,steaks, lard

Raised 2 lambs.  Slaughtered and processed

Acquired Llama for protection of sheep.  Learned to care for and pack

Raised 4 calves…2 red Angus and 2 Brown Swiss/Jersey cross.  Slaughtered one.

Purchased and raised about 50 chicks for meat (Dark Cornish) and eggs

Learned how to manage portable electric fence for intensive grazing management of calves

Continued Honey bee program.  Split 2 hives for the first time.  Did not harvest honey

Acquired kittens for rodent control

Grew and combined triticale for chicken feed

Grew and processed sunflowers dry beans,surplus squash for chicken feed

Processed apples into cider, applesauce and dried fruit

Collected and raised tadpoles to toads and released  into garden for insect control

Bread-baked and sold many loaves from our farm-grown wheat.  fresh-milled flour with sprouted wheat then hand-kneaded.

Grew diverse array of veggies for farm and Community

Main provider of veggies for boulder market

Provided special-order veggie service with on-farm pickup

Managed self-serve farmstand

Improved bread recipe to include sprouted wheat

Weed control-constructed 100’ x 100’ plastic barrier for bindweed in lower garden

Extended irrigated pasture by approx 3 acres

Improved handline/irrigation layout

Preserved upcoming year’s food by pressure canning, lacto-fermenting, drying, freezing

Preserved sheep, cow and pork fat- tallow, lard

Butchered and pressure canned/froze about 20 chickens

Saved Seed- carrot, beet, squash, bean etc

Sold eggs to community via self-serve pickup

Made cheese and cheesepress

Planted heirloom wheat to be harvested summer 2012

-Planted oats/white clover as a fall cover crop. (where veggies rows are to be planted this cover crop will be tilled in early spring. The rest will be left as a ground cover/weed suppressant in aisles.)

-Vegetables grown include: peas, spinach, arugula, carrots, beets, potatoes, lettuces, green beans, summer squash, onions, garlic, kale, chard, heirloom tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, jalapenos, sweet peppers,dry beans, winter squash, sorrel, cabbage, broccoli, radishes, fresh herbs, etc.




Refined farmhouse rules/protocols

Completed requirements for USDA renewable energy grant

Started application process for Utah Cottage Industry permit

Expanded web presence by getting on Local Harvest website

Maintained web presence via RHF website, ATTRA website, WWOOF website



















Accomplishments 2010

Red house farm accomplishments 2010



Built barn loft deck

Barn loft kitchen

Barn rolling doors-lower and loft

Barn-built floor for stage from salvaged workshop floor

Erected 18 foot diameter 2-story grain bin (silo) for drying and rootcellar

Finished kids clubhouse-insulation/interior siding/rock retaining wall w/deck, swinging bridge

Added shed onto workshop for tool etc storage

Painted floor in shop

Built moveable shed for jeep storage etc

Built 2 hoophouses

Finished treehouse

Built wood fence on south side of barn on property line

Tore out ceiling and ductwork in basement

Storage shelves in basement for squash etc

Installed metal wainscoat around barn

siding on  east and west sides of barn

fixed up trailer for intern housing

built wire fence in lower garden



Created farm website

Wrote successful grant for art/writing/music workshops through utah art and museums

Hosted art workshop free for community

Hosted men’s and women’s councils

Provided work for food opportunities

Ran lactofermentation workshop for community

Created and administered Boulder Toolshare program from tools obtained through grant

Hosted farm tour and potluck

Hired interns/woofers

Participated in all boulder farmers markets

Participated in 2 Escalante farmers markets

Built RHF 4th of July float

Hosted various travellers passing through Boulder

Created Arts/crafts area north side of barn

Created and ran self-pay farmstand

Hosted slideshow by Ace Kvale

Hosted cider pressing- approx 25 gallons

Killed and processed 3 deer

Hosted Boulder Heritage Festival event- Riding the Faultline

Hosted essential oil evenings

Showed free weekly movies in the barn during summer

Bought 3 sheep- processed 2

Supported Raymond Shurtz theatre production

Salvaged lots of useable stuff from boulder and escalante dumps and dumpsters

Graveled around shop and barn and parking areas

Continued clearing brush on both sides of creek

Raised tadpoles to frogs and released in house garden

removed old wire fence across creek

serviced combines

expanded lending library

hosted seed-saving/trading meetings

improved landscaping



Grew extra food to supply a 10 share fall/winter CSA program

Provided free-range eggs

Raised approximately 40 layers

Grew and combined heirloom wheat, Wit Wolkering, for baking and chicken feed

Grew experimental test crops for chicken feed – sorghum, flax, sunflowers, buckwheat, soybeans, barley, wheat

Sprouted wheat and oats for chicken feed

Created our own starter chick feed mix

Grew food crop staples – pinto and anasazi dry beans, wheat, barley and buckwheat

Saved a lot of our own heirloom seeds, including biennials, drastically reducing our dependence on seed suppliers

Saved our own potatoes and garlic to replant

Grew hoophouse tomatoes, hugely increasing our production

Established perennial crops – currants, gooseberries, medicinal and culinary herbs

Improved garden layouts

Improved drip and handline irrigation systems

Enlarged compost operation

Acquired and used seed cleaning supplies

Harvested and preserved wild foods such as rose, mushrooms, mullein, purslane etc.

Experimented with new food preservation methods and recipes

Preserved  A LOT of the food we grew by drying, canning, freezing, & lacto-fermenting

Subsisted largely on our own or local foods







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