Red House Farm

Boulder, Utah

The Farm

Brynn and Scott Brodie 'bought the farm' in November of 2008.  It was originally part of the King Desert early homestead of 160 acres....the first in Boulder.  The barn and outbuildings are part of that original homestead but the Red House was built by Nethella Woolsey in about 1949.  Nethella was the first female Utah State Legislator.  The farm was later run by her son and later left fallow.  The photo below was taken sometime around the 1970s when it was the Blue House Farm.  We came up with the name due to a lack of imagination, really.  We tried other names, but it seems we just kept referring to it as the 'Red House'





 Larkin is our youngest member at Red House Farm, and we love her!  She is the daughter of Brynn and Scott and also referred to as the resident baker at Red House Farm.  We eat way too many sweets here because of her wonderful talent!  She teaches an art class for younger kids in town, collects the eggs and feed Toby, and always seems to be in the center of the social scene in town!




 Ben hails from western Montana and has been on the farm since early March.  He is most excited about the solar hot tub that is (hopefully) soon to be installed under the treehouse.  That, and getting veggies planted outside when it warms up.






 The major force behind this spring's tree house project. Dave has lived in Boulder for about a year, and although he works on a different farm, he lives in the Red House and works on the treehouse and other projects in his time off from the other job.


 Krista is from Arizona and has a special place in her heart for anywhere in the Southwest (especially Boulder, UT)...she just can't seem to leave. She is a desert girl at heart.  You can find her loving the plants in the garden, cooking up some yummy garden food in the kitchen, watching "Farm TV" (aka chickens running around in the yard), doing her yoga thing outside, or hiking and exploring in canyons and on Boulder Mountain.  She loves it on the farm!


 Stephanie is a native of southern Maine, but has spent the past year exploring and farming the west coast, mostly in northern California. She fell madly in love with Boulder soon after arriving and keeps extending her stay with us! Stephanie loves learning about all the different plants growing here on the farm, playing music with all of the super-talented local folk, wandering in the canyons, making cheese and butter, and fermenting anything she can get her hands on. She is most excited about all the food preservation that will be going on in the coming months!



 Toby is the resident farm dog (even though he really lives with Brynn and Scott a few miles away). He likes lounging on the porch and scrounging around for things to chew on.


 We usually don't like to pick favorites, but we can't help it with Kevin.  Kevin arrived in the mail late this spring  when he was 1 day old, along with 25 other chicks.  Kevin was a surprise to us, we only ordered 25 chicks and he was a bonus!  We love him dearly, especially when the rain gets his hairdo all wet and funky.

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