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Spring Grain planting

Posted by scott brodie on April 20, 2010 at 1:02 PM

April 20,2010

Lots of activity on the Farm this week....Brynn, Ben, dave and Doren have been working down on the Lower Garden (Brock and Michelle's)getting the wheat and Barley planted.

Doren disked  and Scott dragged he ground, then Ben and Brynn hand-seeded about 1 1/2 acres with high-desert wheat (Wit Wolkering).  This is an heirloom wheat that Brynn located out of California that seems promising.  It has never been grown in this area (as far as we know) and is known as being good for bread making.  we will also use it as chicken feed and if it works out, will save alot so other folks here can plant it in the future.  The 1/2+ acre we planted in Goldeneye Barley, will be used primarily for chicken feed and maybe some beer-making.  We are also just curious how Barley will grow here. By the way, the soil looks Excellent- loamy and dark, unlike alot of the soils around Boulder.  Not many weeds either!

We met with Eric Feiler and Loch Wade who will be working on getting the Combines in top shape for July's harvest- pretty exciting stuff!

We also disked over 1/2 acre in the Lower garden which will be our primary veggie garden- mostly food for this years CSA.  Brynn is waiting to plant as it is still a bit cold for veggies down here on the creek. 

The big job was getting all the irrigation handlines in place.....we went over them and fixed leaks, attached connections for hoses etc. This is where Dave's help was much appreciated (he helped us on his days off)  It looks like a most professional job- even Doren was impressed.

The Photo below is Brynn tilling house garden with new treehouse in see photos of the grain, see our photo album titled 'grain planting'


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