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RHF CSA newsletter #10 2-23-10

Posted by scott brodie on March 3, 2010 at 8:18 PM

              RED HOUSE FARM

                                           CSA #10   February 23, 2010   


Greetings members!

    It’s the last pick-up day of our CSA. Thanks for sticking with us! I hope you all

 feel it was worthwhile. It was certainly a positive adventure for us and we sure learned a lot.

 The root cellar is emptied of most vegetables, the vestiges of last season. Spring’s

 around the corner. It’s time to look ahead. 2010 feels like it’s going to be really good!


    Thanks to those of you who have returned your surveys. I believe that so far we

have received six. The comments are quite helpful. We’ll pass the results to you when we

have gotten them all back.  We think that we are going to stay with the same number of memberships for the Winter 2010 CSA.  We will give this years members first preference.  If you decide that you want to do it again, let us know sometime this summer.  Of course, we will change it a bit to reflect the results of the survey (fewer rutabagas, more potatoes etc)


    Other end of season notes :

We’re seeing some spoilage with our remaining squash. If you have not used all of yours keep a close eye on them. I have begun to cook and freeze some to tide me over until next fall. You may want to do the same. I ordered seed for long-storing varieties for this year.

Please do not forget to return mason jars to us!

Remember that we have eggs for sale. The girls are providing about three dozen a day. Until the weather gets warmer, they will be in the black fridge in the sunroom.

The Ground Beef comes from a beautiful cow that Doren Lyman raised on Alfred and Connie Jepsens pasture in Lower Boulder.  We split the beef with the Feilers and have been most enjoying it…hope you do too.


    Goodies in this  box:

    •    Boulder Beef! Try it in my favorite meatloaf recipe, following.

    •    Garden Tomatoes

    •    Inchelium Red Garlic

    •    Red Dragon and Red Core Chantenay Carrots

    •    Russett Potatoes

    •    Chioggia and Cylindra Beets

    •    Harris Model Parsnips

    •    Turnips and Rutabagas

    •    Mint Vinegar – Good on nice cuts of meat

    •    Dozen Eggs  and Coupon for 2nd Dozen

    •    Freshly-ground Wheat

We’re very excited to try growing wheat this spring and fall for baking. With any luck we’ll be

offering Boulder-grown wheat this year.

Red House Farm will be hiring at least two interns for this growing season.  This is always a fun challenge and critical for us.  As always, feel free to stop by and get your hands dirty.

We are looking to expand our self-serve egg scene to include any extra veggies etc that we grow.  We have gotten a larger fridge for outside to hold this food.

Of course, we plan to be at the Boulders farmers market and possibly expand to the Escalante farmers market (which is also on Saturdays).

Look for our summer movies that we’ll be showing in the barn…let us know if you have suggestions for titles.


                     GREEK MEATLOAF

1 ½  lbs minced beef or veal               Parsley

1 ½ C soft breadcrumbs                       ½ C melted butter

    •    ½  red wine                                           5 hard boiled eggs

    •    ¼ cup water                                          11/2C tomato juice   

    •    1 medium onion                                   1 clove garlic              

    •    1 egg, well beaten                                1 t sugar

    •    salt and pepper

Mix meat, breadcrumbs, wine, water, onion, egg, salt, pepper, parsley, and 4 T butter. Spread the mixture thickly and evenly onto waxed paper to an oblong shape, and place the hard-boiled eggs in a line down the center. Fold the meat mixture over the eggs and shape into a roll. Put the meatloaf into a greased baking dish. Add the rest of the butter and bake in a 425  degree oven until golden brown. Boil for five minutes the tomato juice, ½  cup water, garlic, sugar, and more salt and pepper. Pour over the meatloaf and continue baking for a further 40 minutes in a slow oven {about 275 degrees} with mashed potatoes!











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